Celebration of Good Works of Ministry in Parish

The Parish and Faith Community of Saint Catherine of Sienna has been active and vibrant since its beginning.  Decades ago four men came together and voluntarily took the lead with a vision to create a parish family in the community of Franklin Square centered on their faith filled life.  They became the first stewards of our parish; caring for others by giving their time, sharing their talents and gifting their treasure. 

From the first Mass in 1908 with 11 families our parish has grown now to more than 4,800 families.  Over the years there have been hundreds of good volunteer stewards leading the way in offering many different ways to participate in parish life both spiritually and socially.  Those four volunteer leaders and original stewards took the first steps in working together with one parish priest, the Pastor.  Together they created a path for participation in parish life resulting in a stronger Faith Community.  Today we have more than 60 volunteer leaders, a small but dedicated staff, two deacons and three priests under the guise of a Pastor.  

Our Parish Family is more active than ever with the celebration of over 10 weekday and weekend Masses; over a dozen opportunities to come together in prayer; a variety of ministry groups and wonderful social events bringing people of different ages and interests together.  Together, Changing Lives Initiative was established in 2015 creating an even greater sense of belonging and community, an increased awareness of the many good works of ministry; and continues today to encourge parishioners and neighbors to come together in the spiritual and social life of the parish.

With so many opportunities for involvement in our Parish Family and Faith Community, why not consider getting involved?  For more information on ways to participate click here .