Weekly Offertory Gift

Contribution at Weekend Mass during the Offertory

Weekly Offertory Gift — A financial gift for the parish collected at weekend Mass as your Sacrificial Offering during Offertory of Mass.  It represents a gift of yourself and the sacrifice in giving for others. In years past the weekly collection was enough to support all the parish needs.  In these times it covers less than 44% of income necessary.  Your offertory gifts may be given using:

Parish Weekly Offering Envelope -- a weekly envelope given at Masses celebrated on Saturday eves, Sunday and Holy Days, personalized and recorded as your offering. One can drop in Offertory Basket/Box or mail.  (Receive statement by end of January)  Contact Parish Office at 516-352-0146 or email us at parishoffice@stcatherineofsienna.org to register for envelopes.

Online Giving -- Set up account with your weekly gift by credit/debit card and it is automatic weekly donation.  Simple, easy; you control your account.  Donations directed to parish and recorded.  (Receive statement at end of January) click here for more details 

Txt 2 Give -- It easy whether you are away or with us ... "text to give" your weekly donation by texting and following a link - new link coming soon!    

Cash -- drop cash or check in Offertory basket/box.

            Your continued support and sacrifice is greatly appreciated.  Thank You!

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