Sponsorship Giving

Sponsor an Event, Activity or Special Item

PARISH SPONSORSHIPS are available most any time of year and in different seasons. Seasonal Sponsorships for a specific liturgical or environmental items during a special season of Church for a weekly, monthly or annual period of time. Major Sponsorships for special parish-wide events such as a dinner dance, parish festival or special one-time only event.  And the most recent special sponsorship is our Strengthening Spirituality Program; a three year program available now affording one to memorialize a loved one or leave a legacy for specific items in the Saint Catherine of Sienna Chapel/Sienna Center. 

Paschal Candle - large white candle in special candle stand located in sanctuary and placed accordingly to use in celebrations of Baptisms, Funerals and throughout the Easter Season. (one in Church; one in Chapel in Sienna Center)
Christmas Trees - Trees placed in church in front of naive at foot of Sanctuary outside altar rail during Christmas Season and in various places outside on parish property in celebration of Christmas Season.
Outside Planters - Large planters at entrance of Church and Sienna Center decorated with seasonal plants.
Altar Flowers - used weekly to decorate the altars and for many special liturgical celebrations.

MAJOR EVENT Sponsorships -- available in years past from January through December; many cancelled in recent years due to parish challenges and/or Coronavirus and included:
Thanksgiving Prayer & Dinner Celebration — The evening begins with prayer and song in appreciation for all our blessings and gifts God has given us.  Participants receive prayer card to use at home dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Dinner is a buffet with soft drinks followed by a variety of desserts and coffee.  Family and Friends enjoy dinner, line dancing, raffles, a wonderful auction and more.  In the spirit of thanks, fun for the whole family & friends! Traditionally held on the Friday before Thanksgiving Day.
SCS Dinner Dance -- The Parish held Dinner Dancesthrough the years. Adults gathered to celebrate the parish, its history and as a Parish Family with real sense of community.  Evenings have included great dance music and dinner with hors d'oerves, main course, dessert and beverages.  There's a special atomosphere created as our PAC Auditorium became a grand dinner and dancing experience!  Past themes have been Carnevale, Primavera, Celebrating America and the SCS Centennial and more.
Annual Family Festival  — Our parish patron Saint Catherine of Sienna was known for bringing people together, uniting those that may have differences and reaching out to others.  The Parish Family Festival brought people of all ages together ... and for over 35 years was a tradition.  It only happened with the help of hundreds of volunteers turning our yard into an outdoor festive scene bringing our community together with a variety of attractions, entertainment, food and fun!  It was also afforded families and buisinesses an opportunity to see their name showcased as a sponsor. Family fun for everyone! 

By making sacrifices and providing not only time and talents, gifting your treasure helps to enrich the spiritual life of our Parish Family.  A liturgical environment is a space used for worship and prayer which is enhanced by its architecture, stained glass windows, seating, altar, ambo, statuary, art, flowers and items used for celebration.  The environment strengthens spirituality and encourages all to spread the Good News of the Gospel reaching out to family, friends, those in need and neighbors. 

A special plaque will have the name of the sponsor or loved one memorialized and  indicate selected item for all to see.  Please note items will be reserved on a first come, first selected basis.  Your donation may be made in full or with a pledge to be paid over 1, 2 or 3 year period; no later than December 31, 2024. Brochures available throughout the parish complex and at the Welcome Desk.  More information is available in various editions of our bulletin (on this website) with explanations of items and reservation forms.

These are just a few opportunities for gifting and well deserved honored recognition.  For additional information on these sponsorships or other ways of giving, please contact the Parish Office.

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