Catholic Ministries Appeal

Annual Giving

Catholic Ministries Appeal is an easy and caring way to give.  This annual campaign supports the good works of ministry throughout the Diocese of Rockville Centre and directly here at our own parish of Saint Catherine of Sienna R.C. Church.  It is annual giving that affords all those who participate an opportunity to help our Catholic Church continue its good work.  Gifts may be pledged and paid monthly, quarterly or in full. A gift is accepted anytime throughout the year.

Funding through this annual campaign helps us demonstrate living and sharing our faith, caring for God’s people and the building of the kingdom of God.  Our parish receives a direct rebate through this annual campaign when we reach our goal.  The rebate received is a main source of revenue beyond the regular weekly offering at Mass.  This funding provides direct support of the work of ministry and helps us in meeting our own parish needs.  In the past few years we not only reached our goal but surpassed it; and have been sucessful in receiving rebates of more than $50,000 annually for our parish.  We are grateful to our wonderful donors, our parish stewards, for their generosity and support!

Donating funds to Catholic Ministries Appeal through our Annual Giving Campaign helps in supporting not only the many good works of our Catholic Church but also Dramatic Missionary Growth here in our parish, across Long Island and beyond. 

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