Coronavirus & Our Church

Your Safety is Our Concern!

Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish is concerned for the health & safety of all regarding the Coronavirus (CoVid19) pandemic.  As we take more steps in "reopening" and put in place "new normal" we must still follow rules and guidelines of our Diocese, New York State and Health Officials.  The wearing of masks and practicing social distancing is part of daily life now.  Masks or proper facial coverings are a must for participation in any parish activity. 

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Highlighted update as of  Saturday, August 1, 2020:  

Church is Open – please be sure to follow protocols and respect fellow parishioners and visitors.

  • Mass Schedule resumed at Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish. Click here for schedule. For those that are sick or vulnerable Masses televised from other parishes; see below.
  • New Hours for Private Prayer:  Mondays through Fridays until 8:00PM;  Saturdays until 5:00PM; and Sundays until 2:00PM.
  • Adoration of Blessed Sacrament in Church every Friday from 1:00PM to 8:00PM while Perpetual Adoration Chapel closed.
  • All individuals over the age of 2 must wear mask or proper facial covering.  Appropriate social distancing must be observed. Except for families and couples, this means a spacing of 6 feet and the use of every other pew.
  • Appropriate personal hand sanitizers and safety wipes should be used. One must be careful to sanitize hands after arriving in church and after leaving church. Parish Sanitizer is located at various entrances.  Stay safe, repsect one another; care should be taken not to touch one's face.
  • Holy water fonts remain empty. Holy Water dispensers (tanks) remain available for people to take Holy Water home with them.  
  • Hymnals, prayer booklets and bulletins not available, read weekly bulletin on this website.
  • Restrooms closed; not available at this time.
  • Church and Sienna Center sanitized by Facilities Staff on regular basis throughout daily use weekdays and weekends.

Mass & the "New Normal" –
Liturgies and Sacraments (includes Mass, Funerals, Baptisms, Weddings, etc.) take place in our Church and Sienna Center; however, based on Diocese, NYS and Health Officials there is limited participation for attendance in order to comply with social distancing, all must wear mask (proper facial covering) and maintain social distancing.

The dispensation from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains in effect indefinitely.

Those who are sick or vulnerable due to age or health conditions are strongly encouraged to remain at home and view the Mass on television or onlineTelevised Liturgies are provided by The Catholic Faith Network (CFN) daily and online on Optimum channel 20/137, Verizon FiOS TV channel 296 and Spectrum channel 162/471.  CFN is also available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, or by download CVNiOS mobile app. 

Protocol for Mass--
1a. Weekday and Weekend Masses have resumed at Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish & Faith Community.  Social distancing is maintained with use of every other pew in our Church and selected rows of chairs in the Sienna Center closed.  Families and those who traveled to the church together may sit together.  All others must maintain social distancing (6 feet apart).

1b.  Masks (or cloth facial coverings) must be worn by all present; and people will not be admitted without one.  However, the priests and deacons will not wear a mask during the actual celebration of the Holy Mass maintaing reverence.   Other liturgical ministers serving will be masked to be reasonably protected from spreading or being exposed to viruses.  Lectors will remove mask when reading. Masks or facial coverings should not be worn by children under two years of age or by anyone with breathing difficulties. Any homemade mask or scarf is sufficient, provided it covers the nose and mouth.  

1c. There is no Entrance, Offertory or Recessional Processions to avoid close contact with numerous people.  All clergy and assistants for the liturgy must wash or sanitize their hands immediately before the liturgy begins. 

 1d. Hymnals/missals are removed for faithful assembled for health and safety of all. If  Cantors and instrumentalist participate they maintain social distance greater than 6 feet from others and wear masks.  The elimination of faithful singing hymns is recommended due to help mitigate spread of virus.

 1e. The Sign of Peace omitted until further notice; and no holding of hands during the Our Father.

 1f. Collection baskets will not be used during MassNew Offering Boxes are available in Church and Sienna Center.  Drop your Weekly Offertory Envelope, Cash in box.  We also recommend Faith Direct Online Giving or TXT 2 GIVE now for hands free giving.  Or, mail your offering to Parish Office.  We appreciate your continued sacrifice and support. Click here for details on Ways of Giving Weekly Offertory Gift

1g. Holy Communion is distributed after Mass has ended using proper guidelines and maintaining social distancing.   Priest, Deacon, EM are masked during distribution after Mass and the “new normal” is to have an individual sanitizing station for each of them to use.  Announcement for distribution and the proper movement of faithful receiving made prior to Mass and before distribution. Please be sure to follow protocol.

1h. Bulletins not be distributed; available on this Website at this time with reflections, Mass Intentions, Mass Schedule, reflections and brief parish updates.

1i. Worship space sanitized on regular basis.  Restrooms not open.

Protocol for Sacraments and public liturgies:
2.  Sacrament of Anointing of the Sick – as an Emergency Sacrament, permitted but exercising the proper healthcare and safety precautions is a MUST.  Priests confer and have been given strict guidelines from the Diocese related to this sacrament.

3.  Sacrament of Reconciliation/PenanceConfessions are heard on Saturdays from 3:00M to 4:00PM in the Sienna Center.  The only entrance available to the Sienna Center are the doors located behind the Rectory.  There are floor markings to follow proper social distancing once inside to lead one to “confessional” as well as markings for proper departure.  Wearing of masks and practicing social distancing is a must; priest and penitent must be 6 feet apart.  There is limited capacity in Sienna Center during the hearing of Confessions; please respect one another and follow proper protocol.

4.  Sacraments of Baptism & Marriage (Weddings) Restrictions include limited seating capacity for attendance, wearing of masks for all over the age of 2, and practicing social distancing is a must.  Contact Parish Office for inquiries and scheduling

5.  Sacraments of First Holy Eucharist & Confirmation – First Holy Communion usually held in May was rescheduled for weekends during these summer months.  Confirmation is scheduled for fall and will be celebrated by Pastor due to scheduling issues and Coronavirus.  Our Faith Formation Office maintains contact with families of communicants and confirmandi.  

6.  Funeral Masses – Restrictions include limited seating capacity for attendance, wearing of masks for all over the age of two and practicing social distancing by all is a must. Contact your Funeral Director or Parish Office for inquiries and scheduling.  

7.  Memorial Masses – remain suspended and not be offered at this time until further notice.

8.  SCS Perpetual Adoration Chapel -- remains closed until further notice.  Click here for general information.

9. Social Outreach Ministry -- continues its work in helping those in need.   Our SCS Outreach Food Pantry open for donations and pick up during limited hours and services.  Click here for additional info

10. Camp Sienna Summer Program – suspended for 2020 summer season.  For health & safety of our campers, counselors and all individuals involved due need of limitation of gatherings to 10 people; and be able to ensure social distancing practiced and the wearing of masks during these times. click here

12 Pray is Important -- We stay connected together in spirit through prayer.

  • The use of Skype, Facetime, Zoom or other forms of social media can be a way that everyone can stay together - the family that prays together, stays together.  Set a specific time for prayer so that everyone in your family and friends may pray together in spirit and stay connected.   
  • Pope Francis' Prayer and Coronavirus Prayer on our Prayer Page that is update periodically according to season and needs. Click here.
  • Participate in an Act of Spiritual Communion through special prayer.  Click here.

ALSO . . .
a. Saint Catherine of Sienna Parish Offices remain closed to public until further notice; however, kindly leave messages and inquiries on voice mail or contact us via email at and someone will get back to you in a timely manner.

b. SCS Welcome Desk opens with limited hours on Wednesday, July 22.  Hours will be Wednesdays 1:00PM to 5:00PM and Saturdays 9:00AM to Noon only.  All must wear a mask (facial covering) and social distancing will be practiced.  

b. Our Faith Formation Program and activities will begin again in fall.  Parents of Holy Communicants, Confirmandi and all grade levels received direct information via mail recently.  For additional information, registration forms and more Click here.

c. Catholic Schools closed until further notice following the measures taken by Nassau and Suffolk public schools.  The Diocese continues to monitor and update as needed. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we all work together to keep one another safe during this challenging time.   It is necessary for all to follow above for the health and safety of all during this pandemic.  As requirements change protocols are established and we continue taking additional steps forward in “reopening" and the "new normal” -- we will keep all informed.

Again, all must wear masks or appropriate facial coverings and continue to practice social distancing during these challenging times.  Stay safe and wash hands frequently; use personal sanitizers.  When in doubt always err on the side of caution!

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Coronavirus Prayer
and more!

  O Mary, 

     you shine continuously
on our journey
     as a sign of salvation and hope.
     We entrust ourselves to you, Health of the Sick.
     At the foot of the Cross you participated in Jesus’ pain,
     with steadfast faith.
     You, Salvation of the Roman People, know what we need.
     We are certain that you
will provide, so that,
     as you did at Cana of Galilee,
     joy and feasting might return after this moment of trial.
     Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
     to conform ourselves to the
Father’s will
     and to do what Jesus tells us:
     He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and
bore our sorrows to bring us,
     through the Cross, to the joy of the Resurrection. Amen.
     We seek refuge
under your protection,
O Holy Mother of God.
     Do not despise our pleas 
we who are put to the test 
     and deliver us
from every danger,
O glorious and blessed Virgin.

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