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February 2018

Feb 19

Talking with kids about God

By Joseph D. White, Ph.D. , Take Out: Family Faith On the Go   It’s a daunting subject, but an important one — how to help children understand an invisible God, creator of the universe and best friend of humankind. The Catholic Church teaches that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children (see Catechism...
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Feb 12

Prayer for Relationships

Praying with other people is an important way to express love and to learn what God hopes for relationships. The prayer below was originally written by Heidi and Cory Busse for engaged and married couples. Even if you are not currently in a couple this Valentine's Day, offer this prayer with members of your family or one of your...
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Feb 5

Humble Uniqueness

By Lorene Hanley Duquin We all think of our children as special. Each child has gifts and talents that make him or her unique. But a recent study of college students, who were constantly told they were “special” as they were growing up, turned out to be more narcissistic and self-centered than previous generations. The problem is...
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Family Living

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